Thursday, October 14, 2010

Addi's First Recital

One of the perks of living near, or in our case with Randall's parents is that Addi and I are getting free piano lessons! Vicky is really an amazing teacher. We have been taking for 2 months now and we both participated in her recital. Addi did really well. This performance was very serious business for her and she remained very professional throughout the recital. I did my best and I posted my video under this one in case you need an ego boost.


Ashley said...

Way to go ADDI!!! That was beautiful! And your curtsey was much more refined than your mothers ;) GREAT JOB!

Rhiannon said...

You did a fantastic job Addi! I hope we can be there in person for the next recital.

B.A.M. said...

Addi!! WOW, you did Wonderful! We miss you everyday...Love the Morris'