Tuesday, November 2, 2010


 Boy Howdy!  It seems like we've had more Halloween festivities this year than you could shake a stick at.  Between school, family and neighborhood parties I've had more soup and chili than I care to mention.  
Addi wanted to be Hermione "Ranger" this year...I took a few artistic liberties.

And here we have AIR WOOD you're local church ballah.  
He won best costume for this beauty at the family party.
Nothing but...well...air.

I brought back my 80's costume as a Jazzercise instructor.  
I made a microphone head set and everything and then I forgot it in the car!!!

 These girls are ready for any danger...or treats that lay ahead.
 Addi and her friends ran between every house.  It's a good idea I think, you burn the calories before you get the candy and then you're too tired to eat it when you get home.
 Happy Halloween.


Ashley said...

Nice action shots!! You totally made Halloween come to life in photos, you know, like in Harry Potter...!

Meg said...

I love your costumes so much I want to marry them. I love the family shot. It is so great. The poses, the faces, the clothes. Perfection. Really, it could not be better. You guys are the tops. I want to hang out soon.

megan said...

Sweet shots. Sweet costumes--I especially like the jazzercise instructor. It made me miss you, oh, so much.

Sweeney Household said...

Okay, you really did marry my brother. Randall is my brother incarnate. His costume was downright hilarious. Yes, I liked yours and Addy's was amazing, but Randall's wins a blue ribbon. That is so funny!!!!