Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas In A Nutshell

We do gingerbread houses every's a tradition.
Usually I bake the gingerbread, whip the royal frosting and separate the candy in  little bowls for easy access.
I'm ashamed to say that this year we did store-bought!!
I think Addi's tired, almost bedraggled look sums up our gingerbread experience this year.
Perhaps we'll have more energy and motivation next year.

On Christmas Eve we had our stolen Jerusalem Dinner Tradition.
Here are the kids:
There were 3 Mary's, 2 shepherds, 1 wise girl, and 1 Donkey
 Loving Ryan, Rhi, and Maeva's outfits.

 Here's everyone, that lone chair in the front is not for Elijah, it's for Maeva who liked her Mom's arms better...go figure.
 Kid's Table
 We ate delicious middle-eastern fare on the ground lounging on cushions.
 Not Pictured:  Nativity re-enactment with 3 Mary's
Cousin gift exchange
Sibling THEMED gift exchange (I was worried that people wouldn't get into their themes but I was pleasantly proven dead wrong!)

(She knows, yes by choice)
Left a Teddy Bear, Sewing Machine and Notions.
 Christmas morning stitching.

 First 2 projects:
Skirt (she wore it to church the next day)
And a pillow for her Dad.


Rhiannon said...

Awe! She got her teddy bear! I wish I coulda been there for that. So about the jerusalem dinner. That was the best ever! I am so happy that we are gong to do that every year. You got some sweet pics too. Gotta love that one of Ron :)

Lizzy said...

:) she looks like she had a fabulous amaze me angi

ellen said...

I want one of those little Janome machines to use when I sew away from home. Jealous in Boston

Casey and Alex said...

Yay! Addi got her teddy bear! That's so fun :] And what a crafty little lady! Looks like the Jerusalem dinner turned out well!