Friday, January 7, 2011

Pre-Comp Baby!!

Addi has worked very hard in swimming lessons since September. 
And she has now advanced to Pre-Comp!
(Pre-Comp is pre-competition swim team, where you work on your strokes and endurance in preparation for a club team)
 Happy as a clam on her first day.
 Pre-workout warm-ups and stretching.  
It is rare that she is the "little kid" in a group of other children, but yes those huge creatures are her fellows.
 Chatting at the wall.
Kicking drills.

She is loving it so far, despite the little difficulty of learning to read the timer.
I don't like to gush but she is quite good and has a natural feel for the water.
I am both excited and exhausted at the thought of many an hour spent at the pool and at meets.
I thought I was done with all that after going to so many of my brother and sister's meets
It's a good thing I love to read.


Rhiannon said...

Yay! Way to go Addi! That is so exciting! Love the pics.

Rhiannon said...

"Just don't teach her to swim into walls."-Ryan

Rhiannon said...

"I hope you aren't teaching her the 'sewing machine' stroke." -Ryan yet again

Angi said...

Ryan is mean.

Who stepped in dog doo?

Lizzy said...

woow! go addi!!!

Ashley said...

you hardly came to our meets...I am exhausted hearing you complain about how many hours you DIDN'T spend at the meets. That was all the life guarding you did that has exhauseted you of the pool.

megan said...

Just caught up on a ton of posts. I think of you every Christmas we put our colorful balls on the tree.:) LOVED the card! Love you. Love Addi. Love Randall.

Meg said...

This is pretty much amazing. Part of me is surprised and amazed and part of me isn't because it is Addi and she is constantly amazing me and I am sort of desensitized to it now.

Either way, your girl is the bomb.

Remember us when you have tickets to the Olympics in Rio 2016.

Casey and Alex said...

Way to go Addi!! Woot Woot!!