Thursday, December 23, 2010

Some Enchanted Evening

Addi and I went with my sister to the Tabernacle Choir Concert with David Archuleta.
We got tickets from my Mother's cousin who is in the choir and wanted to make our acquaintance.
The concert was really great. Addi loved every second of it.
We were to meet him (Mother's cousin) and his brothers with their spouses after the concert.
And so as we were clapping at the end of the concert, after David's last number Addi said, "Are we going to meet him?" (thinking David Archuleta) and I said, "Yes." (thinking Mother's Cousin)

She got so excited and exclaimed she couldn't wait to meet David Archilada.
I had to dash her hopes a little there, but she was excited to go to a restaurant and get a hot chocolate at 10:00pm!!!
We had a great time getting to know our extended (very extended) family and didn't leave until around 11:00pm.

We walked back to our parking garage and what do you know, the door was locked for the night.
So we tried to get in through another door...not the right garage.
At this point my calm and trusting daughter (not) begins to panic.
We decide that we'd just walk up the ramp where we drove in.
We got half-way up the ramp and the big steel doors slammed shut.
At this point Addi deteriorates into hysterics and starts screaming:


I try to calm her, I use my most soothing words in my most soothing voice and nothing.
We finally go back to the original door and get buzzed in by the night guard.
It is then that we realize that we don't remember which level we parked on.
So we just pushed every button in the elevator and I would hold the door while Ashley would run out and look for our car.

Finally on the fourth level Ashley waved us on and Addi bolted out of the elevator expostulating with relief and exhaustion.
As we got in the car she cried, said she never wanted to go to Salt Lake City again and fell asleep.
Ashley and I couldn't stop laughing the whole way home.
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Rhiannon said...

HAHAHAHA! That is so funny! I would have acted much the same as Addi, I must admit.

Ashley said...

I nearly peepeed my skirt! Also, you seemed to forget the part that I believe Addi gets from you.. Do you remember your moment of panic and terror when the doors shut and you said, "we can't get out". We all have our moments of panic but I would have to say I was the calm hero...hahah....for the evening.

Lizzy said...

sorry i couldn't go. looks like it was fun

Meg said...

I love that story! Poor, poor little Addi! I do feel sad for her fright. I think it is hilarious that she freaked out (much as I might have. . .let's be honest). I also have to say you are one pretty lady. Seriously, you look so good in that picture.

Sweeney Household said...

Salt Lake City is indeed a scary place, Addi! And, "expostulating" is a really big word.

Loved reading about your night. :)