Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ice Castles

For FHE this week we went up to Midway with two of my brothers to see the fancy Ice Castles.
 Even though our recent "heat wave" has diminished them a little they were still very impressive.

My brother Kris is overcome by the "Country Party Mix" CD that they were playing at the near-by ice rink.
He simply had to break into a line dance...I joined of course. 

I was just overcome by the spectacle.

 Our best -cousin- photo.

Group shot.
We all went back to the car for hot chocolate and not wanting the evening to end we drove down the canyon for some food.  We had a really great time being together.  Yay FHE.


Ashley said...

we totally missed out!

Rhiannon said...

Really great pics. My fave is the vogue shot of you. To bad those strangers cut off the top of the castle in the group shot :(

Elisabeth said...

Wow, are those there every year? Are they just natural or manmade? I've never heard of those before or seen pics of that!
How are you guys? Thanks for your Christmas card, it made me laugh a lot! In a concerned kind of way though. We're kind of in a similar type of boat, although we have a job but anyway, we may be selling our house and moving to UT sometime this year. Are you guys living in Highland? How do you like it? I'm trying to gather info on different areas and Highland seems really nice and I've talked to an online blogging friend who lives there about it and they love it. I worry that it may be a little too small though, with not enough to do for my older kids. The schools sound good though.
Anyway, what is up with you guys? Anything happening on the job search front? Believe me, we know firsthand how frustrating that can be. Good luck with it all, and I'm glad you seem happy where you are for now. Do you think you'll stay in Ut or move out of state? Anyway, I'd love to hear from you so send me an email or blog comment sometime.
Take care!