Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Minute to Win It

We all met up at my sister's house for a New Year's Celebration.
We ate and ate and ate a terrible, decadent, sinful, glorious spread that included:
Homemade Italian sodas, shrimp, hot wings, cucumber-boursin-tomato bites, chocolate cheese ball, artichoke dip...to name a few.
All too delicious apparently, to get a picture before it disappeared

Then to put a dent in the calories we played Minute to Win It-Boys against Girls.
Where we went head to head in MTWI games.
By the end no one was keeping score we were all just having fun with the challenges.
 Here is Randall blowing Christmas cards to the end of the counter top trying to get them to land with the front flap over the edge of the counter top and the back flap resting on the top of the counter.  He went up against Rhi and neither could do it.  Randall did it once but not "on the field of competition."
 Ben and me going head to head in the stack the golf ball challenge.  
We were only stacking 2 -not 3 like the show.
 Game face.
 I really couldn't believe I did it!
 Randall tried to get three...no dice! HA!
I went up against Kris (not pictured) in the pull all the tissues out of the box with one hand.
The kids you ask?
Randall was a genius, he made up "games" of cleaning up the messes our challenges made...
And they even did it in under 1 minute!

We were all home and in bed by 9:00 watching movies.
My kind of New Year.


Rhiannon said...

Very fun indeed. A win, win, win for everybody. Even though the girls lost.

SLP said...

I want a full list of games so that I can copy for next year!!!