Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mom & Me

I am usually NOT the matchy-matchy "mommy and me" type gal.
But I saw a little girl with huge pockets on her skirt and I had to try and duplicate them.
Since Addi and I both have more skirts than you can shake a stick at I made aprons.
(Of which we also have an astounding number--but you don't really grow out of aprons-- at least that was my excuse.)
These little babies were just the ticket to brighten up our dull, wintry routine.
Yes, I made matching headbands with the scraps.

We were so inspired by our new domestic duds, we decided to make whole wheat cinnamon rolls.
Addi insisted that we wear our aprons to the store to pick up the one or two things we needed for the rolls.


ellen said...

What fabric did you use for your apron? It looks really cute. Matchy matchy suits you two. :)

Rhiannon said...

OK, those are sooooo cute! That kitchen is the perfect back drop for the pictures. How handy to have giant pockets on aprons. Love it!

Meg said...

So cute. I love that fabric. I love the mom and me matching and love that you wore them to the store. What a fun, fun mama.

The Hardys said...

cute! I love her silly face, she looks so old!