Friday, February 18, 2011

V-day Kindergarten Style

I was the last minute and unoffical boss of the Kindergarten Valentine's Day party.
Mrs. P already had all of the activities lined up.  I just needed to put a snack together and recruit mothers to help.
It was going to look much cuter but apparently the school does not allow balloons because of latex allergies... but peanut butter?...that's fine bring it on in.
The office ladies and I got into it a little about that little inconsistency.
Anyway, the snack was a hit (heart shaped sandwiches and pretzels).
And tons of moms came... so mission accomplished.
 Snack table
 Valentine Bingo

Valentine delivery duty.

Lately all of my pictures have been blurry, I'm sure you've noticed.  
But apparently I'm too indifferent to fix my poor photography skills. 
I just feel like it's something I don't want to worry about right now...this is just my blurry period.


Natalie said...

hmmmm. You mean I could fix the bluriness of my photos? I guess I always hope that my viewers have lazy eye. That's a much happier scenario than fixing yet another thing about me.

...wish you were our room mother. Latex and all....