Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Menagerie

My good friend commissioned some lens pets.
These little guys are, as we speak, on their way to sunny, beautiful Hawaii.
I wish I was on my way to sunny, beautiful Hawaii.
As usual please ignore the blurry pictures, or don't, it's becoming my trademark.
It is not super easy to take a picture you aren't looking at and the mirror is dirty...just by way of announcement.

 I also did a few ring cushions and I did a whole photo shoot with them at Addi's school while waiting for her to come out for pick-up.  
Doubtless entertaining all of the car poolers.  
Randall says I should stop being encouraged.  And to this I say....


ellen said...

Lens pets?!? Those are really cute! And those ring cushions: all. the. rage!

Ashley said...

He knew who you were when he chose you....the good, the bad, and the beautiful!

Ann said...

can i commission some of those lens pets from you? i could really use them! could you email me? tyler and ann dot burningham at gmail dot com. love them! thanks, ang.

The Faustino Ohana said...

I am so excited for my package to come. And even more excited that the ring cushions received their own photo shoot!!!