Monday, May 23, 2011

Picnic Blanket

I put this top together about 2 years ago, before I left Boston (I can't believe it's been that long).  
I just used unusable scraps from projects I'd done.  I love the randomness and all of the colors.
I have a friend here with a machine quilter and she let me use it for this blanket...I really like how it turned out.
It just makes me happy to look at it.
 I still need to do the binding around the edges but that should be a snap.

I used a bed sheet for the back, which I'm pretty sure is against the quilter's creed, but it wasn't big enough so I added this delightful birthday fabric down the center.

We're excited for many-a-picnic this if we could just get it to stop raining...


Meg said...

I want this. Bad.

Rhiannon said...

Love it! I hope you plan to bring that along with your rolls, meatballs & volley ball on Sat.

Ashley said...

I just really want it