Monday, June 6, 2011


 I came in to check on Addi's practicing and it was standing room only!
Then, I may have mentioned that she needed to re-do that song and...she melted.

 We go through this once or twice during a practice session and I have found that we are both to blame.
So we came to an agreement.
I have agreed to soften my tone and not get frustrated while correcting mistakes and she as agreed to graciously accept correction...we are both practicing if not perfecting our parts of the bargain.
She really does love to play and when she masters a song she is very proud of herself and loves to perform for anyone who will listen.


Meg said...

That is adorable with the animals. I need to soften my tone as well.
What a star she is becomming.

Rhiannon said...

Priceless!!! Love the audience & the meltdown. What did she think of you shooting that scene?

Ashley said...

So you're one of those mean moms on the side of the soccer field, or in your case the swimming pool and piano yelling at your child to be perfect....hmmmm just as I suspected.