Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wheeler Farm

We were looking for some fun and free entertainment for our balmy (NOT-it was cold) Memorial Day.
My brother and his wife and little girl came up and we went to the good old Wheeler Farm.

(disclaimer: I think this is the only picture with an animal in it because I find the same photographic problem here as I do in zoos.  Either you get your child facing YOU (not looking at the animal behind them, thus not capturing their reaction good/bad/funny/amazed/amused, etc. of the animal) and the animal behind them or you get the animal, and the back of your child's head...also not getting the aforementioned reaction.   This is an ongoing dilemma for me and I would love any suggestions to, as they say, have my cake and eat it to.)

 I realize that this is both the back of the heads and no animals but I still think it's cute.

I have a very similar picture of myself in this spot when I was about Addi's age but since I don't have a scanner I can't put it up here...someday I'm going to have a scanner and you'll all be so amazed at my cuteness...and then wonder where all that cuteness went.


Rhiannon said...

super cute pics

Casey and Alex said...

Oh fun! I don't think I've ever been to Wheeler Farm although I know it's a "hot spot" for field trips and things like that... apparently my teachers missed the memo. I love the pics! So cute :D