Sunday, June 12, 2011

Garage Sale

We had 2 yard sales going on on our street this weekend.
Addi and Ashley thought they would take advantage of the yard sale traffic.
They put together a good assortment of items and set up shop.

 They worked very hard and put a lot of thought into the pricing of the items.
As you see these items are not cheap!
You may notice a small pink horse near the bottom left corner of the table.  She's going for $12.
When I asked them about the price they both looked up at me and in unison insisted,
"It's worth it!"
Then when I asked what exactly was that red plastic item bottom right center on the table going for $13.
Addi informed me that she didn't know what it went to but if she didn't know what it was then it was "going for a high price!"

They waved and shouted and flagged people down.

(this is Addi's stressed face, there was a car coming and she was afraid I was going to take too long taking the picture and she would miss a potential customer)

They accumulated $3 for there trouble.
$2 of that from a lady who said they made her laugh and deserved something for that.

And in case you are wondering that sign says that this garage sale is open 24 hours a day!
So come on down any time.


Rhiannon said...

hahahaha! this made my night! so funny! and yes, they do deserve money for that.

Rhiannon said...

on & I love the items that are "10 sens, 25 sens"

Rhiannon said...

as if 2 comments wasn't enough... ron is crying over here!

Meg said...

I love it I love it so much!

Ashley said...

I think she should do it every Saturday, she'll never have a depleated inventory and the cash will just keep coming in. If you ask me it's a great busieness plan!

Casey and Alex said...

I've been looking for a red piece of plastic that is going for a high price! This cracked me up! Cute girls