Thursday, August 11, 2011

That'll be a decade.

After 10 years, our life is being held together by spit and prayers. 
But there's no one I'd rather be spitting and praying with.


ellen said...

Spit, prayers, and a lot of love. Happy Anniversary!

Meg said...

You are cute. So cute. I love it. I am stealig the 'spit and prayers' bit. I like that. Also, we need to hang out. I bet Addi starts school soon. Call me if you have any time next week. I will be at The Chalet. I would love for you to come up for a day.

megan said...

Listen here Wood family...Team Palmer misses you guys and just because we don't always comment on here, doesn't mean we don't read and keep up with yawls. Angi-you're still my hero. Addi-all my chickadees remember you and like watching your swim meet videos. Randall-ok...we miss you too.