Saturday, September 24, 2011


Addi and I performed our third piano recital.
No videos this time, I couldn't find my video camera in the 2.5 minutes I gave myself to look for it.
It might be better this way however, I had the recital on my schedule for next week...I would have done better then.
It really wasn't so bad I just get so nervous.  Addi did wonderfully of course.
She played "Angry Alligator" and "Book of Mormon Stories"
I played Polovtsian Dances from "Prince Igor" it was a duet with Vicky (Randall's Mom)...she saved me!

I'm surprised I look so serene, my fingers were shaking right off the end of my hands.


Ashley said...

you tend to look serene when you are under the most pressure, or crying, I think it may have looked more realistic if you could see the nose better....possibly a flare;)

Natalie said...

You look like you were born to play piano. I relate with the fingers shanking off your hands, sad to say.