Monday, September 26, 2011


I have these little scraps of paper everywhere with funny things Addi says to me.  I don't want to loose them so I'm going to put them down here.

"Why don't you really do your other women"

While grocery shopping --"Attention all shoppers! there's a villain in the store.  Take your children and get out as fast as you can!"

"I make remarks about you, not complain.  I wish you would be nicer about some things."

"I'm tired of you being in charge of me, I've been with you for over six years now!"

"Just put my hair in a pony tail 'cause I'm eager to get playing with my friends"

"I talked to mom but she did not reply."

"Mom! I know what your going to do but can't I just remark?!"

"Mom! your bajiggles just touched on my elbow!" (for the record I advocate proper anatomical names)

Mom: "I had your towel around me, did I warm it up?
Addi: "No. You warm up my heart though."

"My Mom won't let me have anything cold on a hot day.  Only cool air and ice water!" (she wanted ice cream)

"I want to get some money and you won't let me do a lemonade stand and I don't find money on the ground that often, so this is a problem!"


Natalie said...

I just laughed my drink out my nose! LOL! She is sooooo fun!!! I wish she could come play at our house every day; I would look for loose change with her. But maybe she could make some spare cash on the joke circuit??

Ashley said...

oh man....classic

Rhiannon said...

That last two killed me! I'm glad you posted those, so now you will have them FOREVER!

Sweeney Household said...

HIL-ARIOUS! That Addi is great. As is her mother.