Sunday, October 2, 2011

St. George Marathon

 Well, I did it. It's done.
I was feeling really great for the first 6 or7 miles and then something happened with my hip and knee.  
They started hurting really bad.  It was very frustrating because I knew I could go faster.
At mile 10 I wasn't sweating yet because my hip and knee hurt so much I couldn't go very fast.
In any case I hit the 20 mile mark 7 min. faster than I did in my training.
I have been saying that this would be my first and final marathon but I'm kind of feeling the need for redemption.
I want to see what I can do when I'm not having my darn joints seize up on me.
If you're looking for my time it is embarrassing, All I'll say is that I finished deep in the 4th hour.
 Addi and our friend's daughter ran with me for the last 10th of a mile.
That is not sweat on my shorty-shorts.  I had just dumped a cup of water down my back...St. George is HOT even in October.
On our way home we stopped to visit Cove Fort.
It was very cool, Addi liked learning that Ira Hinckley's (Boss of Cove Fort) wife was named Adelaide just like her.
I'm looking a little like a half-drowned cat in this picture.

 That's right folks I won the place of "finisher"

That's genuine red rock that is.
I'm walking a little more gingerly these days.


Meg said...

You are awesome! You look awesome, too. Way to go, you finisher, you! Hey, it is a lot more than most could or ever will do. I hope you are proud of yourself. One more thing you can do that 99% of the population cannot. Nice! Let me know when you want to have costume-palooza. I will bring my sewing machine.

ellen said...

WAY TO GO!!! When are you going to run Boston?!? Seriously, get your butt back out here. You are wicked awesome.

Turbo said...

Well done!

Natalie said...

WA-HOOOOO!!!! Amazing. Fantastic. Inspirational. Bengay.

Sherene said...

I think you need to put on that 26.2 sticker on your car. Your amazing A!

Sweeney Household said...

WAY TO GO. You are amazing.

megan said...

Woo! Woo! I'd like a taste of that red rock. You are awesome! Wanna do Hawaii with me next year? Except I'll do the half--I'll leave the 26.2 to you.