Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Familial Bliss

This evening just happened, it snuck up on us.
We were at my Mom's visiting with the kids and we all decided to drive to my Grandmother's and gather the last peaches of the season in the orchard.
It seems so simple but it was magical.
I don't know if it was the soft light of the sun setting on a warm evening with brothers and sisters and kids...
We were just enjoying ourselves so much i didn't want it to end.
Here I am with 2 of my brothers, we are each 15 months apart.

This is my Grandmother as I know her.  She only wears clothes when she goes out.
One thing I love about her is that when you talk to her, there is no one else in the universe, you have her full attention and she genuinely cares.  She'll tell it to you straight, which I love.

 Aaden found a bug.

 Maeva found a peach.

Fruit Art

We ended the evening with a good 'ol wrassle with the doesn't get much better than this.


Meg said...

Beautfiul pictures, beautiful family. What a fun night. Oh, and GOOD LUCK this weekend!

bostonshumways said...

beautiful Angie. you really captured that magical light. i love it, and I love you!

Rhiannon said...

I love that you & the brothers are all wearing school tees... it's so perfect!

Nicole said...

I must be a related to your grandma too -- I only wear clothes when I go out!

I like the eyeball picture.

Anonymous said...

dude for real? you have to get my copies of these pics! so cute!!
BTW i gave the kleinman untied pics to Rhi
--Marni (too lazy to sign it)

The Hardys said...

beautiful pictures. Love the one of Grandma's house dress-we got to know that very dress quite well as we lived in the apartment :)