Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Card and More Than You Ever Wanted to Know

Well, there she is, in all her glory.
I am not super excited about how this card turned out.
I had this idea in my head of how it should look and this was NOT it.
For one thing my picture looks like a mug shot. (it was the only one in which my "j" was not backward)
To find, after 30 min. in a cramped photo booth and $18 spent that I was not happy with the results and wanted to scrap this idea and do a different one, Randall was none. too. pleased.
I can't blame him, if you scroll down you'll see that it would have been the 4th family photo shoot I'd make him endure in as many weeks.  I really didn't think I could force the issue.
So this is what you get folks.
I was feeling the pressure of last years card...I don't think I can ever top it so I should stop trying.
Next year will be better...I hope.

Now on to an update of how the "job situation" is going.

Right now Randall is clerking for a small firm in Provo. 
He's studying for the bar in February.
We've been here over a year and he's just taking the bar you ask?
We were 1) dissolusioned that we might be able to find a job outside of Zion...not happening.
2) that darn exam is expensive and we just didn't have the money.
We finally saved, begged and borrowed enough money to take the exam,
filled out the ENORMOUS application (4 times the size of the NY application...who does Utah think they are?!) then,
started planning the ever tricky studying/work/family schedule.
When all of a sudden the Bar committee didn't want to let him take the exam.
Too many student loans.
How, might I ask, do they expect him to pay them off if they won't let him get lisenced.
Randall was very calm during all of this, he just kept sending in all the information they requested.
And then all of the information that they wanted but never requested.
I, was a wreck.
After all of that they were still on the fence so they had him come in for a hearing to try and explain why they should let him take the Bar. (Seriously! you can not imagine my fury.)
He came out not knowing if it went well or not.
They let us cool our heels for a day.
Then they said, begrudgingly, that he could take the exam.
Randall remarked that the exam is tourture enough without having to go through all that other stuff.
I have some serious choice words to say to/about the Utah State Bar but I'm afraid they're all against my religion.

Where we are now:
Randall is studying and working.
I am working part-time to supplement that fantastic clerk pay and running Addi to and from the pool every day.
Addi is loving school, doing very well in swimming, and loves to sing, write and create.

We have some exciting/scary plans for the new year but it's a little too early to explain.

How's that for a cliffhanger.


ellen said...

Screw Utah!

Donna Bardsley said...

Cussing Utah State Bar!

(Seriously, are there humans on that committee?)

Excited to hear about the new plans though!

Natalie said...

Everyone seems so excited for the Hobbit. I couldn't care less.

But, I can't WAIT for the sequel to this juicy post! And I love the card. Joy, indeed.

Angela said...

Kevin's worked with many bars and he has never heard of that before. That is crazy! I am glad it has all worked out. I loved your card. And all of your photo shoots! You are so creative! I can't wait to hear the new plans!

SLP said...

Swearing at the State Bar -

Still waiting to hear the resolution to your New Year's Cliffhanger.

Missing you daily!