Friday, July 27, 2012

Funny Farm

I've mentioned before that my parents lost their house in know the housing thing and they now live in a 100-year old adobe farm house.

We have come to lovingly refer to this place as the Funny Farm....
and for good reason
 There are several chickens with a new batch just introduced into the coop.
They produce about a dozen eggs each day.

 Temmy, Domingo, Hope

A pygmy goat who is no bigger than, and lives with, the chickens.
(My mother wanted him posed with some you see.)

You may not know it to look at him but Bucky is a highly prized Thoroughbred goat.
A stud if you will.
He stinks to high heaven
He's actually the neighbors goat but can often be found "on the farm."

You have your standard dog and cat as well 
(there are two more of each, not pictured)

 These are the creatures that really gave the farm it's name...if you know what I mean.