Friday, July 27, 2012


My mom ran this kids camp in her back yard (when she had one).
It's official name was "Kleinman Backyard Adventures" but we just called it K-Camp.

We decided to do 3 camps this summer for the cousins the first one was
"Good Ole' Summertime"
Here is the cousin cohort.

 We started by entertaining the children with a skit

 Then we went on a "pig" hunt
The pig was found...and eaten.

 We had a story (King Bidgood's in the Bath)
Then we made sock puppets to give a puppet show of the book later.
 King Bidgood (right) and his court.
 The kids cooled off with a water fight.
This is typical of every water fight I had as a brother Kris somehow always ends up with the hose.
Sweet revenge!

We paused the camp or rather incorporated a city parade into the camp, 2 of the kids were in the parade.
 My Brother-in-Law is a recruiter for the National Guard.
He has some pretty sweet perks, like rappelling into stadiums for sporting events.
Most importantly for us, access to this mobile climbing wall.
It rocked. Ha.

 When the Dad's came home from work they were treated to our puppet show.
 The End.