Friday, November 9, 2012


 Here is our very own Pipi Longstocking.
She thought having her hair braided with wire was just about the coolest thing ever.
Trick-or-Treating with this little group was fun, and hilarious.
There are four alpha-females here and together they made sure:
Everyone got candy.
No one was left behind.
Everyone said "Thank you" after receiving their candy.
Everyone was holding a hand while crossing the street.

The reason this post is so late is because, after the woosh of Halloween went by, I realized that I had not taken a picture of Randall in his costume.
(He was more than willing to forgive me.)
Everyone liked his costume usual.
So I made him put it back on a few days ago.
(A more patient man has yet to be found)

Our costumes are's me first.
Meet Morwena.
Your friendly neighborhood Tooth Fairy.
I took this photo of myself with the camera balanced just so on the hood of my car with a jacket shoved under one side.
The neighbors probably thought I was loosing my mind.

And here's...
He prefers "Tooth Recovery Specialist" to "Tooth Fairy" thank you very much.
 He's got a wand, and he knows how to use it.
That's right folks those are wings...
 ...and as you see they are fully operational.

**Addi got braces the next day (pictures forthcoming) so most of her Halloween candy is off limits.  
She took the news like a little trooper, she's says she'll save it for when she gets her braces off...2-3 years.
Hmmm...if her Mother doesn't get to it first.


Sara said...

Hey! Just refound your blog after your cute Christmas card came. I laughed so hard at Randall's tooth fairy! So awesome! Miss you guys!