Thursday, October 25, 2012

Family Pictures

Oh family pictures...
These things give me stress.
Now I know I have no reason to complain, I have a very obliging husband who is happy to do whatever I tell him (he has figured out that it gets over faster that way).
I have one darling girl who doesn't cry or spit-up or melt at the sight of a camera.
She'll smile nicely and stand where you want her.  And there's only one of her so she's always smiling and looking at the camera at the same time.
Dream family.
I know.
I just feel the pressure of thinking of something super creative, clever, amazing, thought-provoking, posterity-inspiring.
But this year, I gave up. I didn't do it. I don't know if I ever quite achieved all of those family picture pipe dreams but this year I didn't even try.

So here we are.
The Wood family.

Can I just say that I'm loving the jack-o-lantern smile.
This depiction is probably a little more accurate.
 We can not resist a bus stop.

Thanks to my sister who took these and many other pictures that I think turned out very well.
There's even one of me that we 'cleaned up' for Randall's desk....ooh la la.


ellen said...

You look like models. Especially R.

megan said...

I have not looked at anyones blog (including my own) in forever and I just want to say that I miss Angi Wood!!! And Addi's soft arms...and Randall I miss you too. Seriously Angi, just looking at you guys brings tears of joy! You are rad and I wish I could be a part of your life RIGHT NOW!!!


Sara said...

Love the pics! Come take ours! :)