Tuesday, January 15, 2013

She's 8!

 I can't believe it, 8 years old.
An important birthday indeed.
Addi asked for a "Holy Bible" for her birthday...and that's what she got.
She was super excited when she realized her name was "engraven" on the cover.
 8 years old AND braces And she got her ears pierced...(a few days later)
She should be doing hard time for these crimes against a Mother's heart.
 Addi invited her school friends to a party at the wAIRhouse.
It's a trampoline park.
Now, I am usually not a fan of spending a million dollars on Birthdays but it is January, it has been hoovering around 0 degrees for what feels like weeks, I don't live in my own house and I can not imagine hosting even a few cabin-fever crazed 2nd graders in my Mother-in-Laws home complete with "white room" and glossy black grand piano...I might have had to be institutionalized.
 But all excuses aside it was so fun!
The kids had a blast, the foam pit was a fave.
 For me as well.
 There's no reason the kids should have all the fun right?
I did all my awesome-est tricks into the foam pit (few though they may be) flips, aerials, etc.
I said to the kids, "Am I the coolest Mom ever?!" They agreed.
Addi told me to stop bragging. HA!

When I look at these bright and sweaty faces I think, whew, birthday done for another year.
Now we start planning her baptism.
She is very, very excited and we have been talking all about it for months, FHE's, bed-time chats...
She is already pleased to announce the date and time to any and all friends and family members.
February 2nd at 3:45pm.


Natalie said...

That almost makes me want to change my "No Birthday Parties Ever" policy. Almost.