Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Christmas Season

We did many of the things that make the Christmas season feel...Christmasy.
We went to see the lights on Temple Square.
We went to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir & Orchestra Christmas Concert with Alfie Boe, Tom Brokaw and "The Candy Bomber."  This concert was amazing it was definitely a highlight of the season.
Gingerbread cookies, Christmas carols...the lot.
But, do I have pictures of these?
I become weary of lugging around a camera, and, Randall and Addi become weary of me making them stand in front of things and smiling like they mean it and not like their in pain because if I lugged this thing here by George I'm going to get a picture of it.
But I say to myself, (loud enough for Randall to hear) "If I had an iPhone this would not be a problem."
I find myself saying that a lot.
(forgot the address of where I am going, need to see if an email came in...)
There are those out there who say they don't need a smart phone, that they don't know what they would do with one, to them I say...stop lying.

AAAAnyway back to the glorious Christmas season, which it definitely was. Early in the season I was strolling through the store and what to my wondering eyes did appear?
Randall the Reindeer.
Yes, you heard it hear first folks, Randall the Reindeer.
Complete with story and Randall the Reindeer doll.
I would love to say that this was the most charming story that I'd ever heard and that Randall the Reindeer is sure to grow in popularity and live in the hearts of children as a Christmas icon.
Sadly, this is not the case.
However, this little guy is pretty cute and since I had never heard of "Elf on the Shelf" until this year (I know, it is possible that I was raised under a rock).  Randall became Santa's eyes and ears on the ground at our house.  I still haven't read the elf book so I don't know the details, just the general idea.
Truthfully, he wasn't very good at hiding, nor was he a very consistent hider.  He would stay in the same spot for days... Furthermore, he isn't very good at holding any position other than the one pictured below but we still enjoyed our little furry friend.

Our family Christmas party is held on Christmas Eve.
We eat our American version of middle eastern food and we re-enact the Christmas story.
Every year Addi wants to be the Donkey.  At first I tried to convince her to be something lovely like and angel or even a shepherd girl but she insists. Which is probably a good thing because we have a gaggle of girls aching to be angels and Marys.  I broke down a few years ago and made the ears and saddle, she may as well have a costume, and in spite of myself have come to love that noble beast who so carefully carried Mary and her unborn child.

 This year's program was a little crazy.
My dear Mother thought that participation should be optional and that everyone could choose who they were.
I, the alpha-female/dictator of the family did not think this was a good idea.
And I don't like to say "I told you so" but we had 3 angels one shy Joseph, one delighted Mary, a docile donkey, and one disgruntled Wise Man.
As you see, my brother and I filled in some of the lacking parts.
The story was sweet as always and when we sang Silent Night at the end it was  peaceful and perfect.
But I am bringing this picture out next year as my EXHIBIT A.
This production needs a boss and if no one is going to do it, I will.

Addi is very pleased with the doll and books she received from Grandma and cousins.
Boxcar Children...classic.
There aren't too many gifts this year, Santa got some last minute throw pillows for her bed to fluff things up a bit.  But he did bring something that was kind of a big deal..

An iPod Touch 
(I am now officially the only member of the family who does not own anything that begins with the letter "i" but as you can clearly see, this does not bother me at all.)

Santa thought and thought about this, because she's only 7 and most video games are against my religion but when you are sitting at 2 and 3 day swim meets for hours and hours, crayons and books only get you so far.

Judge me all you want.

Christmas day was awesome!
I don't have snow pants or moon boots or I would have been all up in this excitement but Addi had a blast.
All the kids big and small took to the field beside my Mom's house with sleds, tow ropes and 4-wheelers.
Bags of fun had by all.

Here's the crew.
Nope, no fun here.

Yea, it was pretty chilly...and remains so.
 She's catching literally centimeters of air.

 Aaaand her favorite part.
Probably goes without saying.


Natalie said...

I love her expressions. I feel the same way about snow and my ATV. Love that girl.