Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Last Breath of Summer

 Aaaand this is how Addi is generally found now, having moved within 2 miles of my Mom and little sisters.
Addi is loving it!
She doesn't have her own sisters you know, so she uses mine and they are happy to oblige.

 At the swim team awards Addi was recognized for breaking a few team records.
She'll be the pink speck way up there.

Labor Day we headed to the closest thing we have to a beach here...a tiny little reservoir with a tiny little man-made beach...Addi loved it anyway and we got to go that almost makes up for it.
About 5 Seconds later there was a crazy storm that blew in so our fun was sadly short-lived.

As part of our family reunion (which included a swap meet...BEST IDEA EVER! you just bring all your DI stuff to trade and take the rest to was awesome!) we had tinfoil dinners in the fire pit.
Except for a few dinner mix-ups it went really well and my little sister was in town with us too!!
She is having her first baby and we kidnapped her and took her for a sonogram.
(She missed her appointment at home and was really sad about it)
It's a Girl!!

 Here she is with Randall...who yes, since you asked always looks like he's in pain in pictures.
And no she does not look's a other sister and I are the same way.  For me, it makes up for my "unique" nose but my 2 other sisters are just lucky all around.

 That's quite a load of dinners!

Well we are officially ready for fall.
My dad slaughtered the Thanksgiving turkey a couple weeks ago and it (as you see) is HUGE!!
I have spared you the gory pictures, which I assure you are worse than my toe in the previous post, but here he is all wrapped up and ready to be frozen for Thanksgiving.
 My parents do not typically raise turkeys but 2 chicks turned out not to be chickens.
...when life hands you turkeys...