Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Fall Hike

The weather this fall has just been glorious!
One Saturday we went on a hike I used to do as a kid.
We could get to the trail head "the back way" from my Grandmother's back yard...aka the G mountain in Pleasant Grove.
 We'd hike up Battle Creek Canyon and there's always a treasure at the end!

 Ta Da!
I love a waterfall!
I was so tempted to get in it but I was sure I'd catch my death.
This summer though, for sure, I'll be frolicking in the spray.

 Addi was a little nervous to get in this little hole in the canyon wall...I may have mentioned that perhaps it is home to a bear family.
 And there's Mama Bear now.

There's nothing like a beautiful crisp fall hike to make you feel alive!