Sunday, January 19, 2014

At Last...

I was not going green.
I was not over it.
I love them.
I love to send them.
I love to get them.
I love to see my beautiful, amazing friends and their families and how much they've grown.
I didn't send out Christmas cards this year because, well frankly, I couldn't afford it.  Secondly, I do not like being your pitiable friend who still, at this stage of life, struggles to meet the simplest milestones.
Let's be honest it gets tiresome, for you and for me.

It gets boring hearing about how after a few years of searching for a job, Randall was a partner with a start-up that was semi-maybe-possibly going somewhere when on Halloween they decided to "vote him out."  UGH.

Truthfully, it was a relief to be rid of those people...they were infuriating, but then that also job...again.
It was about a month later that he found part-time work that was helping us squeak by...and I mean squeak.
It was Addi's first (and hopefully last) time as "9 year-old girl" on the angel tree at her elementary.
That was an incredibly humbling experience that I think everyone should have.
In fact, I think more people should have similar jobless experiences, you learn so much.
I will not bore you with the details but I will lend you the "What I've Learned From This" section of my journal that talks about pride, judgment and meal planning...

But folks, if you can believe it, those days are behind us!
I have a hard time believing it myself.
After praying for the same thing for 4 years you start to wonder if it will ever happen.
And then it's unsettling.
it's awesome.

Randall got a sweet job with an actual real alive company.
With an actual real alive salary.
With actual real alive benefits and everything!
(This may be TMI but Randall and I haven't been to the dentist in 10 years and I haven't been to the doctor since Addi was born...not recommended I hear)

So, we're moving!
to Charlotte, North Carolina.

After spending these last few years in Utah, we've gotten all cozy and comfortable, and then, to be torn from the bosom of our family is rough.  I've gotten into a lovely routine walking with my Mother every morning, volunteering at the school on Tuesdays, temple day on Wednesdays, helping my Grandmother with genealogy on Thursdays, Piano on Fridays, Swimming everyday...  We would have loved to have been able to make it work here. There have been several opportunities that could have been awesome here in Zion but they just haven't worked out.  We will miss terribly the Sunday evenings with cousins, parties, parks, birthdays, and hanging out.  But I am brave and eternity with my family is a long time.  My Mother says that eternity will be just enough time to heal the wound of us leaving...I am possibly her favorite.

We are very excited and will be moving (they're even moving us hooray!!) out to the Confederate States of America in the next few weeks.  I will send out our new address by post.
Other good things about Charlotte are that they have the best age-group swim club in the US for Addi!
She will also be able to continue her Mandarin dual immersion at Wadell Language Academy.
It's pretty close to perfect for us, and we're tickled pink!

Here are some family photos that my sweet sister took this fall.
I was going to include some of them in the Christmas card that never was.


Donna Bardsley said...

Thrilled for you guys!! Here's to work and new adventures!

Meg Nilsson said...

So excited for you guys! That is wonderful news! I can't believe that you found a Chinese program for her! And a rockin' swim team! That is amazing! I am so so so happy for you and your family. I am sad that we didn't hang out as much when you were in Utah but maybe we can squeeze in one more DI run before you head off to the bigger and better.
Addi looks so beautiful in those pictures!

Amy said...

So thrilled for you! Best wishes for the next exciting adventure!

Sweeney Household said...

I am so happy for your family! You are a few steps closer to Boston!!! ;). I would love to hear your insights after going through this experience.

ellen said...

North Carolina is your new Zion! Hooray!!