Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Easter was an extra special one this year.
It was our first year of following Christ through his last week of mortality. (I know I'm slow on the boat with this one.)
It was wonderful.
Another thing that made it special is that my Sister, her husband and their new baby stayed the weekend with us.
The part that was not awesome was that it rained like crazy from the moment they arrived until almost the moment they left.
I was so happy when Easter morning dawned bright and beautiful and clean...and everyone so serene.
We took just a few pictures before leaving for church.
It was Addi that observed that the two days of gloomy rain followed by a glorious sunrise was just what it must have felt like on the first Easter.

A few weeks later we were able to visit Amy, Charly and Keith in Virgina.

 It was a little early in the season but we picked some delicious strawberries.
 It's so nice to see family when you live so far away.
 It true Amy fashion there was horse-riding to be had.