Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Addi is 9

...and has been for a while
I know I have a nerve showing my face around here again after such spotty posting, and I cannot guarantee improvement.  But for the sake of some semblance of keeping a family record of some type I am posting some pictures from Addi's rockin' birthday.

It did ROCK!
We gathered the whole clan for a night at our favorite Junior High (OK and High School too) hang out:
Classic Skating!

It was just the same as it always was...and as always it was a blast!

 She was 9 on the 9th.
Apparently this is called a "golden birthday?"
Thus the gold lepoard print top that I would NEVER normally buy.
Luckily they are cheap and well stocked at the local Wal-Mart.

 Ryan & Rhi...and Ashley the photobomber

 These girls "giving the baby a ride" are getting the feel of it before they get ready to let loose.