Sunday, November 22, 2015

Charleston-Isle of Palm

We were able to steal away around Memorial Day for a weekend.
Charleston, South Carolina.
We spent two (blustery) days on the beach at Isle of Palm.
It was absolutely gorgeous! Perfect weather for Addi and Randall and a little cool for me.  The water was nice though.
Addi spent the entire time in the water gathering shells and shell fragments. she is a very determined shell searcher.

After two days she was so sad to leave the sand and shells behind.

 Saturday we took a jog/walk over the Ravenel Bridge. It is 2.5 miles long and has great views of the ocean.  You can also see the container ships loading and unloading cargo in the harbor.
 We tried out some restaurants from that diners, drive-ins and dives show.
This one is in an old car repair garage...very cool.

We really enjoyed our time and will definitely go back.  Next time I will get pictures of the "Market" where at one time slaves were bought and sold but is now full of vendors and many sweet grass weavers; and Rainbow Row, a row of brightly painted Georgian row houses.  With a name like "Rainbow Row" I think I had elevated my expectations a little.  I marched Addi and Randall around thinking that we were not getting the full effect.  Evidently we were, and they are nice, I just thought there would be small delightful gardens out front.  If you go do not be disappointed about the gardens...or lack.