Sunday, November 8, 2015

Short Course Sectinoals

This was a little before the golf day but I know you'll forgive me.
Addi qualified for sectionals in Atlanta in March.
We visited the Atlanta Aquarium before she had to get down to business.
 She does not look 100% sure about touching this sea star.

 She's sure about her Dad though

We were able to attend Sacrament meeting in Atlanta and get a glimpse of the Atlanta Temple.

 The event was on Georgia Tech Campus. 
It was pretty awesome.
 It's hard to get photos inside.
She is on the podium getting pictures with her team...standing far left if you're wondering.
  Addi and her swim girlfriends.
 Addi's Coach Tanya has been a huge blessing to all of us.
She has helped Addi improve so much but also makes her swimmers feel like a million bucks...with room to improve.