Sunday, November 22, 2015


I know there are many of my friends whose children never imbibe in the diabolical television.  They are great and wonderful parents and it is quite possible that I am not.  I let Addi watch television (if she gets 5 seconds to relax between school, swim, piano practice and homework) and I will answer before my maker about it.  
Addi's favorite show is the Andy Griffith Show.  When we found out that Mount Airy, NC was Andy's hometown and the inspiration for Mayberry...I mean...we had to go.

 This was the actual courthouse but they made it look like it does in the show.
 Grape Nehi from Wally's Gas Station.
 Main Street.  

Randall in Otis' Cell...naturally.
Addi with her friends Andy and Opie.