Sunday, November 22, 2015


 Old tradition with new friends.
We went apple picking with our friends and it brought back so many memories of picking apples in my Grandpa's orchard and apple picking outings with my Boston friends. I love it.
 The leaves on Blue Ridge Mountain were just starting to put on their fall colors.

 We are so thankful for good friends.

Addi planned and planned for her Rosie the Riveter costume.
If anyone asked her, "Who is Rosie the Riveter" she would say:
"A symbol of women at work in WWII"
She also did extra push-ups outside her swim workouts to really get the full effect of the bicep.

This is my half-baked costume that I was going to wear to the ward party...I didn't get it finished and the day was crazy but you all get the benefit of the concept at least.