Monday, November 2, 2015

Summer 2014

This is Addi's First Daddy-Daughter dance with the Activity Day girls.
Dad brought the camera so I don't think he's in any of the pictures but it looks like they had a blast!

 These moves are killing me!

When the long course swim season finally ends in August Addi and I jump on a plane and spend a few weeks in Utah with our family.
 Here are the kids with my dear Grandmother.  She has the gift of making you feel like you are the most important person to her and gives you her full attention when you talk to her, no matter your age.

 Bike ride/run with my sister Ash and the girls.
Her husband tortures me with delicious platters of food right before these runs.

Alpine Days Rodeo.

 My mother made a pioneer skirt and apron for all of the grand girls.  Addi picked out the fabric herself.
 Probably my most favorite part of Utah is hanging out with these characters. My dear brothers and sisters.  (There are some missing in this photo...)
 Addi entered an art show. With her depiction of the mountain behind my mom's house.

 Alpine Days
 This is the life...

 We revived the old 3 day bonanza favorite game electricity.
We'll keep practicing it!