Monday, November 2, 2015

Spring 2014

My favorite season in the South is spring.
The magnolias are in bloom and they are gorgeous!
There is also a lot of wild honeysuckle and lilacs growing everywhere, the air smells like a flower garden all the time. I just love it!
 The highlight of spring 2014 was definitely the Disneyland vacation with Grandma and Grandpa Wood and all the cousins.

 ...because I'm too cheap to buy the photos...

Disney indulgence.
Addi and her cousin Ashley are the same age and they just love each other.
Ashley became our second daughter and Addi's pretend sister for the week and we were all are so thankful (not all for the same reason I venture).
Oh man.
This was rough.
On the last day Addi came down with what we later found out was strep throat and an infection in both ears. The poor thing was miserable.
On our way home there were storms over Chicago, our connection point, and they couldn't land, so we landed in Indianapolis, to wait out the storm.  All of the ascending and descending of the plane was really hurting Addi's poor ears.
When we made it to Chicago the last flights had already left. There were hundreds of people stranded.  We had only a carry-on full of dirty clothes and a very sick little girl.
We spend a sleepless night in a corner between the shoe-shine stand and the newspaper stand. We were close to the moving walk-way and heard, "Caution. The walk-way is ending" about every 20 seconds.  They told us that the next available flight was the next night at 8:00pm! With prayer and Randall talking with the gate agents we were able to get on the 11:00am flight. We were so thankful and never so glad to get home, where we went directly to to doctor.