Monday, November 2, 2015


 Addi was able to get on a really amazing swim team here in North Carolina.
It is our life.  Not really, but we are at the pool nearly every day. Addi is getting awesome training and improving a lot! She is having some fun experiences. She has been able to qualify for some big meets and do a little bit of traveling, very exciting for her!

 Here she is with Ryan Lochte.  He swims for SwimMac as well and shows up every now and then to talk to the kids and sign autographs and take pictures.  He is very sweet with the children.

 Addi and her bosom buddy and kindred spirit.
They have been in the same group for two seasons and they are the same age and the same height and they just can't get enough of each other.

Swim Mom.
 Also very cool, is the chance the kids get to go to clinics.
They go to an amazing state of the art pool and train with Olympians and their coaches.
They sure feel like a million bucks after one of these clinics.

The swim team organized a day were we all met and packed food for people suffering from hunger.
We put together a rice/veggie mix that can be boiled in water and gives all the nutrients one needs. The powdered vitamin mix that you add, I'm pretty sure, was developed at BYU.
 It was really fun to put together and pack these mixes.

 Addi loves an assembly line