Sunday, April 13, 2008

Addi, lately

I know this is basically a blog about Addi anyway, but I wanted to write down the cute and fun things she does everyday to share with my family, but mostly for me...I don't want to forget these precious moments.

- She is learning to write her letters, she is especially good at A's and she'll pick them out anywhere she can find them, books, signs, etc. and say, "There's an A that's for Addi!"

-She Re-enacts her life experiences...also things she'd like to experience.
*Hair-do place (I like this one, I get a free scalp massage, it is actually her pulling my hair trying to put it in a clip but I have a hard head and I think it feels kinda good)
*Make-up place
*Office (she loves to "sign" her name and lick her fingers to turn pages)
*Primary - she likes to say the "scripture" and have you repeat it back
*Play Plano (piano) - she plays everywhere, in the car, at the table, on my leg. She is usually Judy playing the piano and I lead
*Missionary - she likes to knock on the door, and she'll only say the blessing on the food if you call her Elder Payne

P.S. you must have an appointment for the doctor, office, hair-do, and make-up places.

-She is just learning how to do jigsaw puzzles and she feels very accomplished once she finishes
-Her favorite book is The Princess and the Pea.

-Favorite games are Memory and Go Fish

-She often breaks out in a crazy dance that looks similar to a polynesian slap dance and makes up her own jibberish song to go with it
-But her favorite is to dance "like a princess" with me or dad complete with bowing, real waltz steps and a dip at the end

-She'll do anything if you race her to it...she remains undefeated.

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