Sunday, July 26, 2009

Central Park

We just returned from spending 3 fun filled days with our good friends in NYC.
We had the most amazing time!!!!
I'll be posting picutres in installments so here's the first one
We arrived later than we'd planned (traffic!) but as soon as we threw our stuff down and Ashley found me a parking spot we headed out to Central Park.
They just live across the street so we didn't have far to go.
Ben let Addi use his bike.

We first went to a playground with this granite slide. It was really cool and the kids could have stayed all day!

Next we had a picnic at Sheep's Meadow.
It was gorgeous!

A great way to start our vacay!


lucky stables said...

NYC was all kinds of hoopin fun!!! thanks for taking me

Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful and getting so big! It's about time you all visited!