Wednesday, October 14, 2009

1st Stop -- Niagra Falls

After reluctantly leaving our friends we loaded ourselves in the car (over 5 hours behind schedule) and headed out. We only got as far as Albany the first night but by the next morning we were at our first exciting destination...

Addi loved climbing up and trying to look through these things...unfortunately I didn't have any quarters.
They just changed the passport laws about 2 months before we left so we didn't have the proper documentation to go to the Canadian side.

The American side was cool, we were standing on TOP of the falls and with my long arms I could just about touch the water!
Addi loved all of the rainbows we saw and was confused when she felt "rain" on a sunny day. She couldn't believe that the water was hitting so hard at the bottom that it could actually sprinkle her at the top.

I started a travel journal of sorts, I bought post cards from almost everywhere we visited and then journaled our experiences there. You will see that I am possibly the worst artist in America but I think the messages get across.

Here's the front of the Niagra Falls Post Card

And here's the back
We went out to Goat Island where we walked all around to see the falls from almost every angle. I think I've already talked about everything on the back of this card except our lunch time adventure.
We found a picnic spot and as we broke into our cooler and food basket we noticed curious visitors...bees and seagulls. We swatted at the bees and Randall proceeded to "defend" the women-folk from the seagulls. He ran around waving his arms and yelling:
"You're rude!"
"Get outta here!"
"You big bully!"
"You lookin' at me!?
I think our fellow picnic-ers were worried...if not just amused.