Friday, July 27, 2012


Primary has been keeping me busy lately.
Aside from my regular Sunday responsibilities I like to think of crazy things to keep me almost completely overwhelmed.

The Primary Olympics for example:
(I am just showing pictures of Addi, assuming that random pictures of my primary kids are of no interest to you)
 Along with Running, Ball Throwing, Long Jump and Javelin Throwing,
 we added Human Ring-Toss, an Obstacle Course and Balloon Ping-Pong.

More recently we had a Pioneer Day....I don't know...I don't want to call it an extravaganza....but if it quacks like an extravaganza...
Actually it was a sharing time but it was pretty awesome.
They went to 3 different stations and learned about Pioneer life and heard some pretty inspiring Pioneer stories.
 Here they are with my cute counselor learning about pioneer food.
They made their own butter at this station and ate "hearth bread."

 Outside they learned about pioneer life, ie; washing clothes, ironing, and the importance of buffalo chips on the plains.

 While doing a coloring page they learned about the actual pioneer trail and some inspiring stories from the journals of some saints. 

(That is my awesome secretary with her daughter asleep on her back)

Here I am in my pioneer outfit with the kids.
I know, I don't have a ton of kids, but it does make it easier to do these crazy things.