Sunday, September 23, 2012

K-Camp #3 - Family

This K-camp was rough.
It's a good thing it was the last one of the summer.
It all started out just fine, with a hilarious (if I do say) skit where I am the granny.

I got that sweet outfit at DI with the Montgomery Ward tags in tact.

While I remember that this particular K-camp was hard it is hard to pin-point why.
The pictures look like we're all having fun so we'll just go with that feeling.
The kids cleared a plot of land where we would build our home.

 We talked a lot about families and how to get along.
Here's Addi holding her cousin Violet.
One of the best parts of hanging out with family is there are lots of babies for Addi to hold.
She would be a great big sister, poor thing, she is even quite sure of it herself.
 They painted this big heart that was staple gunned to the outside of their home.
 My camera died before I could get a shot of the finished product.
Just imagine the whole house covered in that delightful color of green.
They were very proud of their home.

Not Pictured:
Family Dinner: We split up into groups and each group was responsible for a different part of the meal.  The littlest ones set the table and the other groups made sandwiches, salad and dessert.

Family Portrait: Each child brought a picture of themselves and mod-podged it to a board.  They hung the family portrait in their home.

Role Play: The children acted out scenarios in which they learned about; communication, compromise and priorities.


shelli said...

I'm,ready to go again next summer. It like having a baby some are harder to have but still worth it!