Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Last Grainy Bits of Summer

Summer is over and before it is completely washed from my memory, I wanted to get in these last few things.
A few grainy pictures from Randall's phone.

We spent an afternoon at Thanksgiving Point this summer.
My sister worked there, she drove the wagon team...and did I get a picture? NO!
Sometimes I can't believe myself, I just want to yell LOOK ALIVE LADY!!
 I did get a few pictures of Addi, resting in the shade and sitting on the cow bench.

 She milked a cow...she did pretty good, half of it is even getting in the bucket!
{A potentially gross side note: I have milked a cow a few times in my life but it wasn't until after I nursed Addi that I really got the hang of it...I felt like I could understand better the cow's perspective.}
Aaaaaaaand the favorite...Pony Ride.

1. Peanut M&M's are less expensive when you buy them from the bulk bins at WinCo
2. When you pull that lever for the Peanut M&M's at WinCo they come out in a blazing rainbow colored jet stream. {2.5 seconds = 3lbs}

 We enjoyed our popcorn and M&M's at a movie in the park.
(I am pretty much a scrooge, I am not a huge fan of many children's movies so I brought a flashlight and a book...I know, I know...lame.)

Addi took this picture from the back seat of the car.
I don't know why but I just love this elbow touching scene.