Sunday, October 21, 2012

Marathon & Decision

So, first things first.
I finished.
(Those teeth poking out probably finished a few minutes before the rest of me)
And to make it better...
No pain!!!!
(I attribute this to the new method I tried during training and the race.  It is called the Galloway Method.  Basically you run 5 min. and walk 1 min. repeat, repeat, repeat.  I can tell a major difference for my knee and hip in there is no pain)
And I finished 10 minutes faster than I hoped I would!!!
I was shooting for a 4:30 and I came in at 4:20.
(That's almost a 40 minute improvement on my time last year...not hard to do with such a slow time)
Done and done no more marathons for me I'll be on the 1/2 circuit

(This was Randall's fancy photo idea)
My little sister Haylee tagged along for the ride.
The evening after the race we went to a show at the Tuacahn.
We all had a great time, and we even ran into some friends from Seattle that ran the race as well.

We stayed with some good friends while we were there.
They are the sweetest most down-to-earth people you'll meet.
This is where the decision part comes in.
I was talking to my friend about all of my stress with work and family, keeping up with everything and being the mom that I want to be.
I had been contemplating all of this for a while but to talk it out, and run through my thoughts out loud, the things I needed to do became obvious.
I quit my job.
I know that it was the perfect decision for me.
I could see my life and myself by the end of the school year and I would have been no use to anyone. I set a pace for myself that was just not good for me or my family.
The only part that I still struggle with is the little guy I was in charge of.
He is so cute and sweet, leaving him just about ripped my heart out.
When I put him on the bus for the last time we were both sobbing.
I just pray his new helper is great (she won't be me...obviously...but I hope she's great.)


Marianne said...

Beautiful family picture! You're ambitious even to stay on the 1/2 marathon circuit. Nice job!

Sara said...

Loved seeing you there! I'm going to have to try your galloway method next time! :) You looked smokin' by the way in your running pic!